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Cancer kills more children
than any other disease.

It’s time more children benefitted from
the outstanding promise of immunotherapy.

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What is the Centre's Purpose?

The Ian Frazer Centre for Children’s Immunotherapy Research will be the first dedicated children’s immunotherapy research centre in Australia. By capitalising on the strengths of a multidisciplinary team of experts, the Centre will accelerate the pace of discovery and ensure research is translated into a new era of children’s cancer treatments. With your support, the Centre will harness immunotherapy potential to make significant improvements in children’s survival and survivorship.

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The facts

In Australia, approximately 750 children aged 0-14 years are diagnosed with cancer each year.

Every week, 3 children die of cancer.

Current treatments leave 99% of survivors with chronic health problems, life-long physical and intellectual disabilities.

The majority of childhood cancers have no known cause, and prevention is not an effective strategy for children.

Survivors experience very high rates of recurrence and secondary cancer.

Cancer cells continually learn and mutate, subverting our natural defences over and over and becoming harder to treat each time.

“Without you, survival rates won’t improve, and children will continue to die from cancer”
– Professor Ian Frazer AC

“Without you, survival rates won’t improve, and children will continue to die from cancer."

– Professor Ian Frazer AC

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